Harts Bluff Parent Survey 2016-2017
Harts Bluff ISD understands that parental involvement is crucial in supporting our schools as they meet student needs. Therefore, we invite you to participate by completing a short, 20 question parent involvement survey.

Your answers will be confidential and will be used only in combination with those of other parents in a report of the survey findings. Your input is very important! Findings from the survey will be summarized and used to improve the school's efforts to strengthen the partnership between parents and Harts Bluff.

If you have any questions of concerns about the survey, you may contact Carole Dickerson 903-577-1146 or dickersonc@hbisd.net.

Thank you for taking the time to help us understand our strengths and opportunities for improvement.

I feel welcome at my child's school
I feel that my child's school is an inviting place for students to learn.
School staff provides me with enough information about the process for handling complaints and concerns.
The school staff promptly responds to my phone calls, messages, or e-mails.
The school staff actively seeks the input of parents before making important decisions.
I feel encouraged to volunteer my time at school.
The school staff keeps me well informed about school activities.
The school staff provides quality counseling or other ways to help students with social or emotional needs.
The school staff enforces school rules equally for my child and all students.
The school has quality programs for my child's talents, gifts, or special needs.
My child's teacher respects cultural differences.
My child enjoys the cafeteria food.
We have a device at home that is connected to the internet that my child can use.
I would describe my child's classes as _______.
The school staff informs me if my child is not performing well in school in a timely manner.
In which subject does your child struggle
I need training or help in the following area(s) to assist my child with school (mark all that apply)
HBISD provides a safe environment for my child while he/she is at school.
HBISD provides a safe environment for my child while he/she is riding the bus.
Please tell us what Harts Bluff is doing well:
Your answer
Please tell us what Harts Bluff could do to improve:
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