5th Annual Okotoks Women's Show
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5th Annual "FEARLESS & FABULOUS" OKOTOKS Women's Show...

*****ALL DOOR PROCEEDS in support of Wellspring Calgary - supporting women with cancer!

Saturday, Oct 17, 2020

Foothills Centennial Centre
#4 204 Community Way, Okotoks, Alberta

SATURDAY: Oct 17, 2020 10:00am to 4:00pm

SATURDAY: Oct 17, 2020 8:00am to 9:45am -- Yes! it's a early morning move-in!

SATURDAY: Oct 17, 2020 4:15pm to 6:00pm

Please read and FULLY UNDERSTAND the entire agreement BEFORE submitting your application


-- ONE 10 foot wide x 10 foot deep designated space
-- ONE table and two chairs (value $20) (You can bring in over display units and decorate however you like as long as everything is free standing)
-- Wifi
-- Shared electricity - to access you must bring 2 eight-foot extension cords and a power bar
-- 45 Minute "Tradeshow Marketing" strategizing session
-- Okotoks Business Licence (value $50)
Booth Rental Pricing
Booth rental: EARLY BIRD RATE ---- $147.72 GST ---- $155.11 Payment due immediately after submission of application - without your payment, your application drops off within 12 hours and you will have to reapply.

*EARLY-BIRD rate until June 2020*
*After June 1, the rate goes up to $201.06 + gst

PAYMENT IS DUE DIRECTLY following your application
Please send $155.11 Payment due immediately after submission of application - without your payment, your application drops off within 12 hours and you will have to reapply.

Payment can be made by E-MONEY TRANSFERS ONLY --- we do not accept credit cards whatsoever.

Email transfer to: okotokswomensshow@gmail.com

Use question: "What is this event about?"

Use answer: SUCCESS all in caps

QUESTIONS? Please contact Opulence Alliance Events at 403 608-3710. We are available from 1pm to 7pm Tuesday through Saturday.
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Exhibitor Agreement Terms & Conditions:

Booths are officially booked once this application has been reviewed and approved, and after full payment is received.


*All displays must be "free-standing" as there are NO WALLS.

*NO SIGNAGE WHATSOEVER is allowed pinned to the fabric draping running throughout the venue (this draping is delicate sheer and can be torn easily) or any other structure (such as wires running along the ceiling). All signage must be free-standing

*You are welcome to bring in your own display units/props - note that they all have to be free-standing as there are no walls or dividers between booths.

*Please do not DAMAGE the property ---- if you do, you are liable to pay for the damage.


Booths are officially booked once this application has been reviewed and approved, and after full payment is received.


A refund of 50% of the total paid will be issued by cheque if legitimate notice of cancellation is made in writing on company letterhead with an official signature is made before March 1, 2020. Please call us at 1 403 608-3710 for further details. NO REFUNDS WHATSOEVER are available after March 2, 2020.

If the event has to be postponed or canceled, exhibitors are guaranteed a refund, less a $15 admin fee. Refunds will be submitted 30 days from the cancellation date by EMT.


Opulence Alliance secures a blanket special event license through the Town of Okotoks which covers all participating vendors both resident and non-resident. The value is $50.


Under no circumstances shall the Exhibitor sub-license, transfer or apportion any of the leased exhibit/booth space unless officially approved by Show Management. Requests must take place and be approved 30 days prior to the official show date.

The Exhibitor will not exhibit nor allow to be exhibited in the leased booth/exhibit space any products, advertising materials, services or demonstrations not relating to the original description displayed on the Exhibitor Application under “description of products or services.”

Only one representative is allowed per MLM. In the case where an exhibitor uses a similar product as part of their service, if a representative of that product is showcasing, you will not be able to have that product present in your display. Be very clear on your description of products and services.


All exhibits must remain intact until the show closes and/or all visitors have left the floor. Any Exhibitor and/or their staff that chooses to tear-down or vacate their exhibit/booth prior to official closing time will be BANISHED from exhibiting at any future shows/event.


NOTE THIS IS NOT NECESSARY FOR MOST EXHIBITORS - The Exhibitor assumes all responsibility of retaining their own Policy of Insurance. The Policy must cover the period commencing on the morning of the move-in date, ending at midnight on the move-out date, and hold coverage of a minimum of $1,000,000. The Policy must also name Opulence Alliance and Foothills Centennial Centre as “loss-insured” and state that the Exhibitor is solely responsible and insured against all claims of any kind arising from or in any way relating to the Exhibitors presence and/or operations during residence at the show. A copy must be available on-site during the show for review by Show Management at any given time. For a referral to a Special Events Liability Insurance broker, please call 403 608-3710.


The Exhibitor assumes all responsibility/liability for theft, losses, injury, damages, and/or claims arising out of the exhibitor’s personnel, displays, equipment and other property brought upon the Foothills Centennial Centre premises. The exhibitor agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Opulence Alliance and Foothills Centennial Centre (including owner and management company), the Town/City of Okotoks and all related agents, employees, officers and directors from and against any accountability/liability for damage, loss, harm or injury to any of its officers, agents, employees, other representatives, or visitors to the show resulting from exhibitor related personal injury, death, property damage, accident or any other cause. Opulence Alliance and Foothills Centennial Centre and the Town/City of Okotoks do not require insurance against any such Exhibitor related damage, loss, harm or injury.


All distribution of information and demonstrating must take place in the allotted area of the booth/exhibit space leased by the Exhibitor. No distribution of information and demonstrating is allowed in the aisles or in other areas of the show venue. If related activities are disrupting neighboring Exhibitors or the flow of traffic, Show Management has the right to stop the activity. A Policy of Insurance may be required if demonstrating involves hands-on interaction with visitors. The Exhibitor assumes full liability and responsibility to all circumstances relating to losses, damages, personal injury or death.


All intentions to sample supplements and/or consumable products must be approved by Show Management. In some circumstances, compliance is required to be approved by Health Services. Application for this compliance will be supplied to the Exhibitor by Show Management once the request to sample has been submitted/reviewed. The Exhibitor assumes full liability and responsibility to all circumstances relating to losses, damages, personal injury or death.


Show Management reserves the right to terminate any contract and/or exhibit due to breach of contract, unbecoming behavior or violation by the Exhibitor/personnel registered under Exhibitor. If such termination is necessary, Show management is under no obligation to refund any payments made by the Exhibitor.


Opulence Alliance and Foothills Centennial Centre shall be excused from the performance of any obligation hereunder inclusive of refunding, to the extent that such obligation is hindered/prevented by any strike, boycott, lockout, or other labour dispute, act of God, any riot, civil disturbance, act of terrorism, war or of the public enemy; any epidemic as identified by the Medical Office of Health, inclimate weather, any fire or theft, any present or future governmental law, ordinance, rule or regulation or any other cause or contingency inclusive of unexplainable visitor traffic numbers beyond Show Managements control.


Opulence Alliance Events strives to tap into the most effective advertising vehicles possible, and this is analyzed year to year to keep up with the trends. Our general strategy includes the following:
-- Print advertising
-- Direct mail
-- Pre-ticket sales available through Show Pass and Eventbrite
-- Subscriber campaign
-- Social Media

Our current promotion portals include:

FACEBOOK EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/449971945958012/
FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: www.facebook.com/girlfriendsgatherings
INSTAGRAM: opluencealliance
WEBSITE: www.opulencealliance.com
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