Chanukah Miracle Wall
Every Chanukah, we thank God for the miracles performed for our ancestors and that we continue to receive today. While it's always difficult to see the little miracles that God makes for us, this year it's probably even harder. But this year also may have allowed us to appreciate family, friends, and experiences in a way we wouldn't have considered before.

In this spirit, we're welcoming people to anonymously share a small miracle that happened to them this year. Whether it be a personal triumph, a new perspective on the importance of little things, or anything else, we want to feature anything that brought light to you and to the world.

On the last night of Chanukah, we'll share a link to a virtual "wall of little miracles" so we can all appreciate the small things, both ordinary and extraordinary, that continue to bring us happiness, joy, and comfort.

May all of our small miracles inspire us to always look for the light throughout the whole year!
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