Summer Camp & Family Needs Survey
Please fill out this brief assessment, to help us identify ways to support your family through the COVID-19 crisis. Your response will be kept confidential.
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If we are able to offer in-person programs, we may adjust program hours and offer shorter program times, throughout the day. Please share your preferences below:
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For a full-day program option, What part of the week would be your preference? (Check all that apply) *
Summer eCamp
If we ARE NOT able to offer in-person programs, we will create a hands-on virtual learning opportunity. This experience would be tailored for an e-learning environment but would include hands-on learning components. Girls would likely receive a few Strong, Smart & Bold Kits throughout the summer that may include supplies, swag, snacks, games, and other materials that would bring the Girls Inc. Experience into your home. Girls Inc. staff would then provide a few online sessions each day so girls could engage and learn how to use the supplies in their kits.
If Girls Inc. launches a Summer eCamp as described above, would you want your girl to participate? *
If yes, what kind of hands-on programming would be best for you and your family? (Check all that apply)
How many hours could your girl engage in online programming, each day?
Based on current information about the COVID-19 pandemic and the options we have described above, are you still interested in Girls Inc. summer programs. *
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