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Sign up here to be on our Speakers List! Please try to fill out as much as you can, however if you have any questions about the fields feel free to leave them blank and we'll reach out to follow up! If you would like to nominate another scientist, fill out this form with their information and we'll reach out to them to confirm. Or you can nominate multiple scientists at the bottom of the form. Please make sure you fulfill the requirements below:

1) Identify as a part of a racially/ethnically underrepresented group (we generally follow the NSF definition for underrepresented researchers which includes scientists who identify as Black, African American, Hispanic, Latina/o/x, Indigenous, Native American, and Alaskan Native; however we recognize that this can vary from field to field)
2) Be at the post-doc/resident level or higher
3) Be in a STEM or medical field
4) Have current research that you can present at conferences

Thank you so much! 😊
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