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This form is utilized to collect new project ideas for screening by the Berwick Arts Association Board of Directors for potential implementation
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History & Purpose
Berwick Arts Association aims to inspire and nurture the human spirit through art and community pride.  The Association seeks to provide community support, funding, and sustainability for art projects in the Berwick area.  

Established in 2021, the “Call for Art” was created as a funding mechanism for art projects.  Funding provided in the form of a grant will support a variety of project costs including, but not limited to paint, supplies, artist fees, and marketing initiatives.

Service Area
Berwick Arts Association supports art in Columbia County, primarily Berwick Borough and surrounding municipalities.
Guidelines & Approach.  

Priority Areas
The Berwick Arts Association seeks to fund projects that promote:
the mission of the Berwick Arts Association
awareness and visibility of art in the community
local artistry
priority impact areas including health, history, culture, and community pride
concentrated efforts in creating an Arts District area of Berwick

Size of Grants
Grant funding is determined on an individual project basis.  The majority of grant projects will be between $1,000-5,000.

Duration of Grants
Grants awards should be expended within one-year of the grant award date.

Application Process
Groups or artists interested in submitting an art project for funding consideration may complete a digital application form.  The Board of Directors will review and rank each project as it relates to the above priority areas and criteria.  Since funding is limited, projects may be approved and placed on a waiting list for future funding as it becomes available. Grant awards will vary on funding availability annually by the discretion of the Berwick Arts Association Board of Directors.

Applications may be submitted on a rolling basis and will be reviewed quarterly by the Berwick Arts Association Board of Directors.  Artists whose projects are selected will be asked to sign a contract setting out the responsibilities of each party.

Payments will typically be released in two increments, half at the start of each project and the remainder upon project completion. Recipients are required to submit receipts or invoices to the Berwick Arts Association for payment.  A distribution documentation form will be provided to each grantee for record keeping.  All distributions will be approved by the Berwick Arts Association Board.  Each grant funded project must provide a monthly update to the Berwick Arts Association for inclusion and review at Board meetings.

Artists whose projects are selected will be asked to sign a contract setting out the responsibilities of each party including, but not limited to, start and completion dates, method and times of payments, reporting and control of work site.

Contact Information
Connie Donlin, Berwick Arts Association Executive Director, is available to assist you on your public art journey. Please utilize contact information below if you have any questions or need any assistance at any point along your project. We look forward to working with you to express yourself in our community.

Berwick Arts Association
Executive Director
Connie Donlin

Organization Name (If applicable)
Contact First and Last Name *
Telephone Number *
Name/Title of Project *
Type of Art *
Project Description:
Please include the medium, size, sustainability, and projected life span of this art project.
Proposed Project Location:
Please indicate your primary proposed location as well as an alternate location if your primary location is not available.  Check the list on our website for properties which are available for mural type projects.
Total Cost of Project (estimate if unsure) *
Education/Work History:
Tell us more about you as an artist (years of experience, published or displayed existing artwork, education, trainings, certifications, etc.)
Work Samples:
Please provide an Instagram handle, Facebook page or website, if applicable. Direct links are preferred. If not applicable, please email a sample of your work or portfolio to  Please note, we need to see other samples of your work from the same medium (i.e. If requesting funds for sculpture work, past samples of sculpture work completed are required.)
Amount Requested from Berwick Arts Association *
Please note, budget must include expenses such as artist hours, materials, equipment, etc. as well as any in-kind expenses.
Project Partners:
Please list any partners (individuals, businesses, etc.) that you have identified for this project and indicate whether they are confirmed or projected.  Include any in-kind or financial contributions from each partner if applicable.
If possible, would you want to do an in-person presentation of your application?  Such a presentation is allowed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
Clear selection
Project Workers:
Please identify the demographics of those individuals who will work on this art project (age, race, sex, etc.).  This information is used for our overall organizational reporting.
Proposed Project Start Date and Completion Date *
Proposed Project Timeline:
Please include an estimate of hours by each participant in the project.  This timeline should include any Project Partners and Project Workers outlined in previous questions above.
Planned Promotion:
Do you have a social network where you would be willing to share this project and the work of Berwick Arts Association?
Planned Promotion (continued):
Will you allow Berwick Arts Association to promote itself on your network?
Please provide names and contact information of people who are familiar with your work.
Date of Submission *
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