Jacquie Biggar
This is your personal invitation to join my exclusive and brand new Early Readers' Group!

What does that mean for you?
It means you get the first opportunity to read my books before their official release date. The ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) will be sent directly to you and all you have to do is sit back, read, and enjoy.
It's that easy!
All I ask is that after reading, you leave me a review on my book's Amazon page.

What you'll get:
Free advance copies of my releases!
An opportunity to read and review books from my back-list, also for free!
A chance to win an autographed copy of the novel!

What I need from you:
When I send you a book, you'll have 1-2 weeks to read, then I ask you to please post an honest review.
This a VIP group of avid readers and fans, NOT my regular mailing list.

There's only room for a limited number of special readers, so join fast!
Thank you for being a reader and a fan.

Please understand we can only offer out a limited number of review copies. That said, EVERYONE who has preordered a copy can also get an "Early Access" copy, so if you order a copy during the $0.99 sale, you're GUARANTEED to get a copy!

***I'm hoping for reviewers who can post their review by release day! Posting on this date is very important!***

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