Progressive Dance Studio Rental Request form
Progressive Dance Studio is located at 27 South Van Brunt St. Englewood, NJ.

All rentals are charged by room and by hour and are as follows:
Studio A $60/hr
Studio B $60/hr
Studio C $50/hr
Studio D $60/hr
Space being used for 15 persons or more will have an additional $20 surcharge per hour.

Spacing being used for Birthday parties will be contacted about specific pricing.

Terms of Agreement:
1. All Studio spaces are equipped with Marley flooring and Mirrors, No outside shoes are to be worn in the studio.
2. Studio spaces MUST be in the same condition as before the rental. Extra fees may be applied if left dirty.
3. Payment is due before or day of rental.
4. Progressive Dance Studio is not responsible for any accidents, injury, illness or loss of group or individual property during the Rental.
5. If you exceed the time limit of your rental you will be charged accordingly.
6. Smoking/Vaping is not permitted anywhere in the building or property.
7. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on premises at any time.
8. The renter is responsible and agrees to exercise all due care in keeping and preserving all furnishings within the room.
9. The renter agrees to fully replace the value for each missing or damaged item from the room.
10. Progressive Dance Studio reserves the right to cancel this rental agreement at any time.

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