Church Re-opening
The Church has begun the process of looking at re-opening our buildings for public worship. Given the lack of detailed knowledge about the virus, the Church is properly taking a cautious approach which, as we in BC all know, has to date served us very well. This will happen slowly and with the extensive protocols given to us by the Synod office. This will involve putting together a safety plan and ensuring the well-being of our congregation.

How will this look? We would gather together as the body, to hear the scriptures, to join our hearts in prayer and to worship together even if at a bit more of a distance.
To support the safety of all, we would be signing in when we arrive, entering and exiting from different doors (except for those with mobility challenges), the service would be projected on the screen, there would be no congregational singing, the offering will be not be passed around. The Eucharist could happen (wafer only) with the celebrant in a mask. There would not be coffee time at the moment.

At St. Matthias, we know we have a more vulnerable population and so before we start the steps to reopen, we want to assess the readiness of our congregation to resume in person (though socially distanced) worship. The few questions below will help us in that assessment. Feel free to reach out to the Wardens or to Rev. Meagan with any questions you have.
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If we were to open the church periodically for socially distanced worship (no singing at this time) would you see yourself/ your family coming back at as early as mid-July? (if so, how many are in your group?) *
If you see yourself returning but not in July, what do you estimate your most comfortable return date to be? *
What are your questions or concerns about the church re-opening?
If you are not planning to return in the near future, what resources or services would be helpful in your life of faith as you continue to be at home?
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