West Mids Labour members call for a Left candidate in the mayoral race
Labour Party members in the West Midlands are soon going to be deciding who the party’s candidate for Metro Mayor will be in 2020. So far, Liam Byrne MP and Lynda Waltho - both from the right of the party - have announced they will be running.

As socialist members of the Labour Party, we are calling for a left-wing candidate with strong experience in local government and trade union support to put their hat into the ring. Labour democracy works best when members have a wide spectrum of candidates to choose from, representing the party’s many diverse political traditions.

We also demand that the party makes sure such a candidate gets on to the ballot so as to ensure a broad choice, as in the 2015 party leadership election when the left very nearly went without being represented.

We believe this will not only give members the proper choice they deserve, but will also help promote lively and constructive debate about the direction Labour needs to beat Andy Street next year, and the policies to build a West Midlands for the many.

Michael Thawe, Edgbaston CLP, Momentum NCG/Unite the Union delegate
Andrew Scattergood, West Bromwich West, FBU West Midlands Regional Secretary
Rhiannon Lockley, Dudley South, UCU NEC (personal capacity)
Gill Ogilvie, Erdington, PPC Walsall North
Judy Foster, Halesowen and Rowley Regis, Deputy Group Leader
Ian Cooper, Halesowen & Rowley Regis, Parliamentary candidate
Minesh Parekh, Warwick & Leamington CLP, West Midlands Rep/Young Labour National Committee
Mohammed Hanif, Stourbridge, Former Mayor of Dudley
Amanda Eccles, Coventry NE, CLP Treasurer & Secretary of Coventry Momentum
Andrea Bradley, Walsall South, Campaign Coordinator
David Sheridan, Edgbaston, Momentum Birmingham Disability Officer
Rida Vaquas, formerly Tamworth CLP, Ex-Momentum NCG member
Ellen Hope Cobb, Stourbridge, Youth Officer
Ann Wackett, Birmingham Perry Barr, Momentum Birmingham Labour Party Democracy Officer
Diane Donaldson, Birmingham Hodge Hill, CLP Secretary/Cllr
Daniel Round, formerly Stourbridge CLP, Dudley Momentum Coordinator
Cat Eccles, Stourbridge
Geoff Dixon, Stourbridge CLP, CLP Secretary
David Morton, Stourbridge and Wollaston
Tom Pottrill, Stourbridge, Branch Secretary (pc)
Doug James, Walsall South, Cllr & Ward Chairman
Mick Davies, Halesowen North
Parminder Dhani, Halesowen North
John Warley, Branch vice-chair
Noori Davies, Halesowen North
Jessica Silk, Dudley South
Rebecca Gentle, Dudley North, Councillor
Harry Shaw, Stourbridge CLP, Treasurer
Matthew Tomlinson, Edgbaston
Bob Piper, Abbey Branch Warley, Councillor
Daniel Muddimer, Selly Oak
Rizwan Jalil, Warley, Trade Union Officer
Christopher Sturge, Warley/Abbey, Branch delegate to CLP
Simon Tansell-Brown, Warley/Abbey
Eileen Gibson, Beckenham
Philip Vanes, Dudley South
Nicky Hinchliff, Warley, Abbey Branch Secretary
Ian Marrey, Stourbridge
Alistair McIntosh, Birmingham Selly Oak
Andrew Bettridge, Blackpool South
Lamar Campbell, Ladywood
John Kelly, Warley, Chair Abbey Ward/Policy Officer Warley CLP
Jasbinder Singh , Tamworth
Catherine Leach, Edgbaston
Najmussahar Bangash , Edgbaston
Asid Lhan, Edgbaston
Gabriela Chalkia, Aldridge-Brownhills
James Callaghan, Dudley South, Vice Chair
Karen Purdy, Stourbridge CLP, Women's Officer
Mish Rahman, Aldridge-Brownhills
Amy Wolfs, Aldridge Brownhills CLP
David Morgan, Aldridge-Brownhills, CLP Communications & Social Media Officer/Brownhills Branch Chair
Jesika Parmar, Solihull
Jennie Sandford, Abbey/Warley
Frank Keogh, Coventry North West
Leanne Gregory, Northfield
David Watson, Stourbridge
Gary Randall, Stourbridge
Zarrin Shannon , Bury
Kit Armstrong, Edgbaston, National Union of Teachers Regional Secretary
Darrall Cozens, Coventry NW CLP, Vice President Coventry TUC
Martin Hartnett, Coventry South
Peter Casey, Coventry North West
John Swift, North Warwickshire, Unite Rolls Royce Coventry delegate to CLP
Colin Bruce, Coventry South
John Mutton, Coventry South, Councillor
Mal Mutton, Coventry South, Councillor
Frances Crane, Coventry NW CLP, Ward Secretary
Amy Lowe, Stourbridge
Michael Griffin, Coventry North West
Martin McMahon, Kenilworth and Southam, CLP Chair
Terry Williams, West Bromwich East
Bob Lloyd, West Bromwich West, Clp Chair & Cllr Wednesbury South
Suzanne Lowe, Stourbridge , West Mids NPF delegate
Grace Ashworth, Selly Oak CLP
Teresa Beddis, Meriden, CLP Women’s Officer & Political Education Officer
Steven Edwards, Dudley North
Julia Larden, Birmingham Yardley, Secretary Acocks Green Branch
Nathan Marrey, Stourbridge
Harry Sheppard, Ladywood
Brenda Boshell, Yardley CLP
Andrew Thompson, Birmingham Ladywood, CLP Chair/Unite activist
Andrew Tromans, Stourbridge, Secretary of Stourbridge Young Labour
Edward Geach, Stourbridge
Steven Cox, Bootle CLP, Dudley Councillor 1995-2003
Joanne Shemmans, Selly Oak, LP Branch Secretary/Branch Secretary Unite Community Birmingham
Kavan Hawker, Edgbaston CLP
Emma Randle, Stratford on Avon, Vice Chair Health RISC/Unite the Union
Naeem Malik, Edgbaston
Andrew Sennett, Warley
Asma Kauser, Birmingham Hodge Hill
Ian McNee, Wolverhampton SW, CLP Campaign Coordinator
Michael Clarke, Northfield
Jean Simpson, Selly Oak
Patricia Hetherton, Coventry North West, Councillor
Sandra Smith, Rugby
Rosemary Silvester, Coventry South
Stephen Jeffreys, Hall Green
Chris Kuriata, Selly Oak CLP, Political Education and Training Officer for Selly Oak CLP
Ben Marco, Solihull
Mick Archer, Birmingham Perry Barr
Les Kuriata, Birmingham Selly Oak
Kadees Mohammed, Hodge Hill CLP
Raymond Shaw, Solihull
Drew Peacock, Wyre Forest
Tony Barnsley, Halesowen & Rowley Regis
Gwyneth Stewart, Halesowen & Rowley Regis
Melissa Heywood, Halesowen & Rowley Regis

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