Mausoleum of Menstruation Donation Form
For those menstruating, or non-menstruating women, female identified humans and even men who would like to participate in the Mausoleum of Menstruation installation debut June 10th 2017!! This form is gathering information of those interested in making a donation to the MoM and further instructions for collections, dates, times, etc will be given directly.

Thank you for your interest!

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Are you interested in collecting and donating menstrual blood and/or used tampons (for cremation) to be collected the week of Jun 5th 2017 near San Francisco CA? *
Are you interested in writing up to a 1 page statement, essay, poem, etc reflecting on your experiences with being a menstruating woman, non-menstruation woman, or any reflections on being a woman in today's society and reality? *
Are you interested in contributing something personal and meaningful to the altar space in the mausoleum? (figurines, crystals, healing objects, meaningful photos or artwork, etc). These items will be returned to you after the show, and would need to be delivered to us the week of 6/5 in SF or the afternoon of the show 6/10 in SF.
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Are you available 6/10 or beforehand to help with construction of the Mausoleum? Day of build will be in the late morning until completed on 6/10 in SF.
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