After the End Monster Shift Preference Form
Use this form to let us know when you prefer to monster for our upcoming After the End game. Shifts will be assigned based on a combination of the following factors, in order of prominence:
1. Player needs (disability, availability, type of content in that shift)
2. Plot needs
3. Player preference
4. Closeness to preference in previous assignments
5. Random chance

This form will be open through Thursday night, and the shifts will be announced Friday morning. New players do not need to fill this out!

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to follow instructions on this form will result in being placed in a shift of our choice and your form results being discarded. We're normally lenient on this sort of thing, but the system simply doesn't work if directions aren't followed in this case. Thanks for your understanding!

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Please rank your preference for each shift. Use each number only once. (Mobile may need to scroll over to see all 7 columns.)
SAT 9 AM-12 PM
SAT 12 PM-3 pm
SAT 8 PM-11 PM
SAT 10 PM-1 AM
SUN 9 AM-12 PM
SUN 12 PM-3 PM
Are you amenable to a tavern shift rather than your standard monster shift? If you answer yes, you still need to fill out the rank preference above. Answering yes here does not guarantee a tavern shift. *
If you answered 'Yes' to the above question, please rank your tavern shift options in order of preference. (Mobile may need to scroll over to see all 7 columns.)
FRI 10 PM-2 AM
SAT 8 AM-12 PM
SAT 12-4 PM
SAT 4-8 PM
SAT 8 PM-12 AM
SUN 8 AM-12 PM
10 AM-2 PM (Cleanup)
Do you wish to use 10 Greenbacks to buy out of your monster shift for this game? Note that answering yes here does not guarantee that you will be one of the maximum three players allowed to do so for this game. You must still fill out the rank preferences above. *
Please list anything else we need to know, including but not limited to health concerns, restrictions, and the like.
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