Trans/gender Expressions Haven (THE HAVEN) Artist Profile Form
The Trans/gender Expression Haven (The Haven) is a virtual performance art venue for transgender, non-
binary, Two-Spirit, intersex artists and other artists transcending gender. The Haven is a radical cyber-artistic creative queer-designed space for the exhibition, amplification, and display of creative works by trans+ artists. Our web-based interactive gallery space showcases elements of both visual and performance art and functions as THE first digital trans+ gallery space that exists solely to celebrate the creative genius of trans+ artists.

We are open and delighted to receive submissions from across the globe!

We are seeking submissions to be featured in our artist profile sections of all trans, GNC, 2S, intersex, non binary, and gender-transcending artists, to be celebrated and featured on: THE HAVEN ARTISTS page. A network of transgender artists across the globe. We welcome all disciplines!

This is for "social media" esque artist profiles we will have up once our interactive website is live! FOR ARTIST SUBMISSIONS to QUEER DIGITAL INTIMACIES please visit:

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thank you for showing us your heart <3 we will treat it with care
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for you as a person
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What does "TRANSGENDER" mean to you? How would you define it?
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