Application for Summer@HU 2018 International
Harrisburg University will offer a summer study abroad program that combines
a high quality academic offering with an immersion experience that includes visits
to start-ups, tech industry and health care businesses as well as participation in cultural events.
Students will take one 3 credit graduate level course. Credits will be transferable to HU's Masters level programs and possibly other universities.

Please fill out this form if you are interested in the program. Enrollment is limited and will be on first come first served basis. All applications are subject to approval by HU faculty.

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8A. What is your current major? Which academic program are you enrolled in? Applicants who have majored in other fields are encouraged to apply provided they have demonstrated knowledge of the following subjects listed in Question 9. *
8B: What is your current CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average)? (Please round up to the nearest integer, so 7.6 can be rounded up to 8. We will confirm this with your institution.) *
9. Which year will you be in Fall 2018? *
10. Which of the following courses have you taken? *
11. How likely are you to study in the US for a Master of Science degree (MS)? *
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12. Tell us why you are interested in this program? *
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13. Are you applying for the Ambassador Scholarship Program
14. If you are applying for the Ambassador Scholars program, tell us about yourself and your interests and how you would spread the word about HU programs on your campus.
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15. Next, we will look through your application to determine if you have an adequate background to handle the track you have chosen. If you have any questions or encounter any issues with the application, please email
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