iGEM Toronto 2017 Wet Lab Application
Thank you for your interest in applying to be a part of iGEM’s summer research team. Please read this application carefully. Each summer (May-September), iGEM team members research, design, and execute a self-directed synthetic biology project with the intent to build BioBricks useful within the general scientific community. After a summer of hard work, we showcase our research at the iGEM Jamboree, an international competition in Boston which features top universities from around the world. Find out more at http://www.igem.org/Main_Page.

For this year’s competition we are looking to build a dedicated group of scientists from all backgrounds and skills to win another medal at the Jamboree this coming November. The most important things we are looking for are passion for science and ability to follow through.

If you have questions, please email: igem@g.skule.ca

The wet lab team responsibilities will consist of protocol design, experimental troubleshooting, sponsorship and grant writing, data and results analysis, and most importantly, bench work.

The team structure is as follows: 2 team leads, 2 lab managers, and 6 general members.

Team Lead position:

1) Preparing schedules, protocols, and reports for the summer project.
2) Training general members in molecular biology techniques. (The techniques will be dependent on the position you will be appointed to.)
3) Preparing weekly presentations and updates.
4) Managing team dynamics and solving conflicts to allow efficient continuation of the project.
5) Communicating with the lab manager to make sure reagents and supplies are available on time.
6) Making sure proper safety protocols are followed.

General member position:

1) Attending mandatory meetings.
2) Executing and contributing to lab protocols, proposal writing, sponsorship, and documentation.
3) Attending shifts and completing tasks in a timely manner.
4) Following the directives of the team leads in performing lab activities.

Wet lab manager position:

1) Organization and maintenance of lab space.
2) Acquiring lab supplies and reagents.
3) Organizing documentation (MSDS, RRFs, finance, shipments).
4) Handling administrative duties.

As per University of Toronto regulations, it is mandatory for all members to be properly trained in Biosafety as well as techniques they will perform. As such, you will be required to complete training programs as directed by iGEM Toronto.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 14th 2017 at 11:59pm.

NOTE: If at anytime you experience problems with this application, please message us at igem@g.skule.ca with the subject line: "iGEM Application Issues - [NAME]"

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