Office of Pupil Personnel Services Parent Survey 2019
2019-20 Program Review Parent Survey
Please tell us about you! In which school(s) do you have enrolled child(ren).
True or False? If I have a concern about my child's special education program I know who to contact?
True or False? At the end of the IEP meeting, I understand what services are being offered to my child and leave with an understanding of the services he or she will be getting.
I feel I have enough time to discuss my child's concerns related to his or her special education program.
I understand all the different components of the IEP document and why things are placed where they are in the document.
Progress notes that I receive give me good information on how my child is doing on her or her IEP goals.
When I bring ideas to the Team I feel heard, whether or not we agree on the outcomes from that point.
When I disagree with the Team I have used the following state offered supports
When I used these state offered supports, I felt they were helpful in resolution
I understand the simliarties and differences between 504 and IEP
I have checked out the new district web site
I want my child to attend his or her team meeting when he or she turns 14.
I am familiar with the steps I need to take for post-secondary planning.
The role of special education is to support the remediation of a child's disability verses a model to help them "keep up" with the curriculum
I like it when a building administrator attends my child's meeting.
I understand the role of re-evaluation every three years as a state requirement for eligibility.
I understand the role of the Inclusion Task Force
General Education Teachers understand my child's needs and how those needs impact her or her performance in that classroom.
I am comfortable reaching out to the appropriate staff person for a question related to my child's program and the supports he or she is provided.
I am familiar with SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council)
I know how to access supports via SEPAC members
I understand which types of services are available in each building of the district.
I understand the concept of "least restrictive environment" and know how this concept guides placement discussions.
I understand that the discussion regarding IEP services is different from the discussion around educational placement.
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