Tutors Conference Kyiv 14 November
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✔ Passionate English educators from all around Ukraine
✔ 6 inspiring speakers
✔ Lots of practical tips and tricks for teaching English
✔ Vivid networking & new friends
✔ Interactive activities and exercises
✔ Small group sessions
✔ Gift for each participant;
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🔵 Confidence in Teaching: Beyond The English We Speak

Low self-esteem, tied in with a sense of lack in our personal English fluency, is a state of mind that so many of us teachers are finding ourselves in. In our teaching careers, we often interface with feelings of incapability, unworthiness, and constant need for defense. It gets increasingly more severe when we're surrounded by colleagues and amplified by perceived competition.

This session is going to be a breath of fresh air in your relationship with yourself in the first place. I'm going to use my interlacing backgrounds in integral psychology and English teaching to take you through therapeutic, language- and body-oriented techniques that will allow you to meet the hidden cause behind the no-confidence state you experience. Let us let healing happen.

🔵 How to improve speaking through PBL-based lessons in a digital environment!

In the session you will learn how to boost students’ vocabulary, getting them to speak more fluently and to build 21-century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity using the recently developed TED Talk Box filled with topic cards, practical ready-to-use worksheets and reflection questionnaires, which facilitate the efforts to motivate the students work hand in hand to achieve their learning goals.

🔵 10 ways to spice up your lessons with photos and videos

The presentation is aimed at familiarizing EFL teachers, mainly those working with pre-intermediate and above students, with free sources of short videos and photos, and different approaches to utilizing these resources for English language teaching. Will be provided practical examples illustrating how they can be used for the development of skills of oral and written communication.

🔵 My favourite Online Activities

Due to COVID-19 we, teachers, were all forced to start working online, whether we like it or not. It's great if you had had some prior online teaching experience, which means that online teaching is not rocket science to you. In fact, not many teachers had this online experience. We are also not sure how to transfer our activities, which worked magic in a real classroom, online. In this practical session, I am going to share practical activities and ideas with you, which can all be used in online teaching. You will have the chance to try them out immediately during the session and there will also be time for you to ask questions.

🔵 Teaching Grammar Text based approach, Test Teach Test and Context build approaches in your lessons

The session is mostly practical and consists of various tasks and discussions. The aim of the session is to compare and contrast different approaches to teaching Grammar in the classroom. We will talk in details about staging of such approaches as: text based, test-teach-test and context build. Working in groups you will evaluate them and the final task will be to plan a grammar lesson

Early bird fee - 590 uah (till 24 May)
25 May-3 June - 690 uah
4 June-12 June - 790 uah

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🧡 Meet our speakers 🧡
🧡 LILIA KARDENAS is a combination of an English teacher and psychotherapist who specialises in teaching real English through integrating mindfulness, emotional mastery, intuitive learning and self-discovery techniques within the context of bespoke conversational lessons. She has been teaching English for 12 years (now 28, she started teaching right after she finished school). Having come from a Ukrainian family, Lilia has become well-known in the teaching community for her distinct British accent, which she enjoys teaching to learners all over the world. Lilia majored in English philology and translation. While investing her time in healing and counseling, Lilia keeps teaching English online one-to-one to learners from all walks of life. She also holds a CELTA qualification and runs a Youtube channel for teachers, where she talks about combining self-development and therapy techniques with mainstream teaching methods.
🧡 YULIIA KULYNA (CELTA, Delta, LCCI FTBE, PTE Level 5 (C2) is an ELT enthusiast and a continuing development adept, having been in the industry for about 20 years in a variety of contexts. Her areas of responsibility include teaching, exam preparation, in-service teacher training, human resources management, quality control, academic consultations, curriculum and course design. She believes in life-long learning and is happy to share her experience with you.
🧡 KHRYSTYNA TSENTSOVA has graduated from Odessa National University in 2012. One year later, while studying at East Normal University in Shanghai she was teaching English to teens and adults at English Language Private Schools. Since 2015 she has been working in OLSC and teaching English in different contexts as well as preparing students to PTE and Cambridge exams. As the OLSC cooperates with different IT companies, she also has been working with IT specialists. One year later she passed LCCI FTBE and started teaching Business English. In 2016, she did CELTA and became a PTE General and Young Learner Assessor. Last year she did DELTA (Modules 1, 2, 3).
🧡 Olga is a TESOL and CELTA-certified teacher currently working in her own project “Smart English” as an online tutor for General, Business English, and exams preparation. She has been teaching English for 14 years to different learners from beginners at nursery school to business people. In 2015, she completed a Ph.D. thesis in professional education. She has been a participant of numerous seminars, conferences, and workshops in ELT, won an “E-teacher scholarship” to cover the course “Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web” from the University of Oregon and took part in Advanced Training in European Universities of Slovakia-Hungary-Austria in 2018.
🧡 DARYNA LUHOVSKA Teacher of English and a Teacher Trainer (CELTA, TKT, Delta Module 1 Trainer). Daryna is a freelancer and lives in Kyiv, Ukraine. She is a regular presenter at Ukrainian and International ELT Conferences. Daryna holds a Bachelor Degree in English language, literature and translation, CELTA, Delta, TKT, IHCYLT and a Pearson certificate in teaching business English. Doing research on and teaching phonology is among her greatest passions. She believes that teaching is a creative process and whatever is learnt with pleasure will never be forgotten. Daryna manages her blog on Facebook called “Teaching and Learning blog by Daryna Luhovska”.
🧡 YULIIA MEDVID has worked as a teacher for more than 12 years. In 2011, she has got her CELTA certificate and stated working in LSE Kiev. In 2013, she took TYLEC in the British Council and was invited to work there after finishing the course. In 2016-2017 she was doing DELTA course. Yulia did Module 2 in New York, USA. All this time she has been running her own English school, trained teachers, prepared them for doing CELTA and as a result they all finished the course successfully. She has also attended trainings with such speakers as Scott Thurnbury, Adrian Underhill, Hugh Dellar, Chris Roland and many others.
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