Hong Kong Culture Heritage Studies and Promotion Association (HKCHSPA) 香港古蹟文化風俗研究推廣學會
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You may need to provide several documents or details for the application:
1. 簽署 Signature
2. 學生證件 Student ID Card (如申請成爲學生會員 If you are applying for the student membership)
3. 商業登記證 Business Registration No. (如申請成爲機構會員 If you are applying for the Institutional Membership)
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會員日期及年份 Membership Date and Year *
會員日期及年份爲閣下加入本會的日期及年份 Membership year is the date and year you join us
Due to the three-year renewal of membership, you are required to state the date and year of membership for the purpose of proceeding your new membership every three years.
The period of membership is from 1st January to 31st December every year.
居住地區 Current Residence *
我們的會員是向所有人開放,無論你是否是一個文化遺產研究學者,專業不同的學科,學生,文物工作者,教師,營銷主管,一個藝術家還是普通居民。 Our membership is open to all, no matter whether you are a cultural heritage studies scholar, professional of different disciplines, student, cultural worker, teacher, marketing executive , an artist or an ordinary resident.
* Members shall not take any share of the profits and assets upon dissolution of the organization.
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