Springtown Church of Christ Ministries
The Elders ask that each of you prayerfully consider these ministries and how you and others may help with each one. Space is provided after each for you to list your name and/or the names of those you see gifted in these areas. If you see a need that is not listed, please consider the descriptions to see if it may fall within the responsibilities detailed. If not, feel free to note additions in the last entry.
Manage resources and assure availability when needs arise. Work with office staff to provide help in the form of food, fuel, money, etc. for members of the church and members of the community in dire need. Follow up with those who have been helped to assure need was met and to provide spiritual encouragement.
List those you see gifted in Benevolent service (include yourself if desired).
Work to integrate members into the Springtown church family. Provide information about Life Groups, prayer ministry, and spiritual formation. Reach out to new members and established members to encourage involvement.
List those you see gifted to serve in Body Life integration (include yourself if desired).
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