State Of Serverless Community Survey
This survey is to better understand the current state of Serverless architecture development. The results will be used to create a report which will be published for free and available to everyone. Completion time: ~2 minutes.
How would you describe your level of serverless technology usage?
What was your level of public cloud experience prior to using serverless technologies?
Which serverless compute services are you using?
Which serverless framework(s) do you use use?
What tools do you use to monitor your serverless architectures?
Which of the following use cases do you use serverless architectures for?
Which of the following are serious concerns for you when considering developing serverless architectures?
Which part of development poses the biggest challenge when it comes to serverless?
Which operating language do you primarily use for your serverless architecture?
What size company do you work for?
How many people are developing with Serverless in the organization?
How many teams are developing with Serverless in the organization?
How has the adoption of Serverless development changed over the past year within your organization?
Where do you think the Serverless trend is heading and what might it look like in 3 years?
What is your role?
Where are you located?
What is something interesting you've built with Serverless?
Would you be open to someone from the Serverless product team contacting you to learn more about your use case?
If "Sure", then you'll need to give us your email!
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