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Have you got a challenge or struggle you're experiencing?  I'd love to be able to offer insight, support and care. 

A friend and myself are pondering creating a podcast offering insight, support and practices to make a difference to you.  We need your questions please.   

If we aren't doing a podcast on your topic, I may address situations in a live video or post on social media.

I wish I could address everything.  Please don't take it personally if I'm not able to address what's there for you. 

We'll keep your name confidential and change details so you're private.   Please ensure to remove all personal identifiers. 

Thank you,

PS  I'm asking for email so you can receive a confirmation of your question (if you request it below) and so I can let you know if we address it.  
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How did you hear about Zariya? 
What issue, struggle, or challenge are you experiencing?  What do you most need? 

If it helps - here's an outline of how you can share: 

1. This is what is happening/happened...
2. This is how it felt...
3. This is what I'm confused by/struggling with...
3. This is what I need...
4. How Zariya would most help is... 

Try to keep it short - so it's easy for me to read.  Thanks! 
In case you weren't aware - I have a membership, workshops, and self guided trainings to support  people on their journey out of trauma, abuse, neglect and bullying.  Please tick if you'd like to hear about more.

You can find most of them here :  http://restoring.love/support 

Huge thanks for taking the time to fill this out.  I appreciate you.  Is there anything else you'd like to share?
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Legal Disclaimer
: In sharing your situation above, you give permission for Zariya to share in social media, podcasts, books or articles. 

These responses (whether on podcast, social media or email) are educational only and  do not substitute for professional psychological advice, diagnosis or treatment.

I cannot warrant that all or any information provided is accurate, authentic and complete or that the material shared is helpful for your personal needs (as we may combine situations to serve all listeners/readers).

You need to assess whether the information is accurate, authentic and appropriate for you and your circumstances and seek independent professional advice where you deem necessary.

To the extent permitted by law, Zariya Lufu excludes all liability for any loss caused by any information relied upon from educational content. 
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