War of the Rams (BAM) Artisan's Row Class Submission
Thank you for offering to teach at the War of the Rams in Bordermarch, Nov 16-19 2017 in the Barony of Bordermarch! Use this form to submit your class details. If you have any questions or issues, contact the class coordinators at warartisansrow@gmail.com
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Hint: Make the first word the main subject of your class - e.g. Knitting for left-handed fighters
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For advanced classes ("Basic knowledge of XXX is assumed", special preparation ("Bring a warped inkleloom"), or certain clothing/tools ("No loose sleeves")
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Typical length - 1 hour. Plan 50 minutes, for transition time.
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You do not need to include the standard disclaimer - we will enforce that: "Children should always be accompanied by an adult." In addition, is there danger, adult subject matter, a certain level of dexterity requiring further limits? NOTE: There is a new class type, specifically run by teens, aimed at teens
Best time to teach
No classes during morning court
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If you would like to teach twice,select both
Special Requirements
This will help place you in areas within Artisan's Row. Please note: Everyone is expected to bring their own chairs.
Any special setup needs, beyond the above? Any additional comments? You will be contacted, to discuss the details.
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