COVID-19 Stories
The COVID-19 pandemic is something that most people have not experienced in their lifetime and it's worthwhile for us to create a shared memory of this time for our community.

We will gather stories and they will become part of the local collection at the West Allis Library. For years to come, people will be able to learn about our community's experience with COVID-19.

Things to Know:
-Most questions are optional, so answer what you’re comfortable with
-Personally identifying information (such as your name, email, place of work, etc.) will be kept private until 2092.
-If you'd like to share images, audio or video contact us (see below).

Questions? Contact us using the Ask a Librarian form on our website or call 414-302-8500.
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I am at least eighteen years of age (if under the age of eighteen, consent must be signed by parent/guardian). I understand and agree that any information I share will become part of the archives of the West Allis Public Library. My responses will be available to and shared with the public, however, personally identifying information will not be made public until 2092. * *
I agree to freely share my story under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. This means that I retain the copyright to my material, but the public may freely copy, modify, and share these items for noncommercial purposes under the same terms, if they include the original source information. * *
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Which of the following have you experienced as a result of COVID-19 since March 10, 2020? (check all that apply) *If you experienced any of these things for other reasons, do not check the box
Tell us your story:
What does your average day look like right now?
What has been challenging?
Have any family, friends, neighbors or strangers helped you in any way?
Have you had any positive experiences?
Has anything surprised you?
How do you think life will be different after this?
Any other thoughts you'd like to share?
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