Member Hosted Fundraiser 2017-2018

Do you have any great fundraising ideas from past experiences, or that you've just come up with? Are you looking for a way to execute them? Do you want to help great causes like the Pediatric Trauma Program, Kiwanis Family House, and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention?

Host your own fundraiser!!

Through this form, you can describe the fundraiser logistics and select your level of involvement (you could just be suggesting a fundraiser for the club OR you can work with me to go through the process of campus reservations, budgets, TAP, and publicizing).

Suggested fundraisers are not guaranteed, but I will try to work with you as much as possible to make them happen!
SKIP any question below if you think that it's best to decide on it together(ex. date of fundraiser, logistic)!

Please contact me, Anh Vo, over Facebook or at if you have any questions.

What is your name?
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I most likely will be contacting you over Facebook, but if you'd like me to contact you over email or phone, please specify below.
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How involved would you like to be ?
Name of Fundraiser
Ex: Holiday Gram
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When will this fundraiser take place?
Ex: Week 5 of Spring
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Logistic/ Description:
Please include a description of your idea, predicted cost to create product, cost of goods sold, target group, plans to publicize it and other information you might find relevant. If you rather work on the logistic/description together with me (Anh Vo), please also indicate below and I will contact you for your availability.
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