Nadia's Hope Foundation
Domestic Abuse and how to help.
In your own words, what is domestic abuse?
What do you believe needs to be done to help survivors who are fleeing domestic abuse?
What are ways to improve community involvement?
Is this an issue that you believe men need to be involved in? If so, why?
What are cultural/ethnic barriers in our communities when it comes to domestic abuse?
What would you like to see more of in regards to involvement and awareness?
What do you think is the biggest and most important way to tackle this topic? (ex: education, workshops, more resources).
What suggestions or opinions do you have of Nadia's Hope Foundation?
What are topics or taboo conversations that surround domestic abuse?
Every 5 days, a woman is murdered by an intimate partner in Canada. In the United States, it's 3 women every day. What would you tell someone who says that domestic abuse/homicide/violence isn't that serious of an issue?
How did you hear about this foundation?
What is a major stigma that surrounds victims of domestic abuse?
What is the stereotype that you have, or believe others have, of people affected by domestic abuse?
"Why did they stay for so long?" "Why didn't they leave right away?" "I'm sure it's not that bad, they never laid a hand on them." Are common phrases used when a survivor seeks help, what would your response be to these statements?
Additional comments or concerns:
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