Community Plus - Hiring Application

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Community Plus! We provide in-home care and nursing services on Vancouver Island. We are locally owned and operated from the Greater Victoria area with an exceptional group of certified caregivers and 15 years of scheduling in the office.

As a growing business we like to get to know the people we want to hire in advance. We use this form to pre-screen and conduct initial phone interviews. When we move forward we like to spend an hour or two in your favorite local coffee shop to discuss fit and get to know you. The core of our business is based on long term relationships with great caregivers and we're willing to wait for the right people if you're willing to grow with us. Working with an exceptional group is it's own kind of reward, we're grateful for each other and we have a culture of no nonsense compassion.

Exceptional in our context means that you are thoughtful, reliable and able to adapt to change. For yourself, for our clients and for our business; in that order.

    About Community Plus

    Our approach to home care starts with our caregivers. When caregivers are happy, clients are happy. We are committed to living wages, flexible paid time off and respect in the workplace. After you submit this application you will be asked to email your resume. Please make sure the submit button is pushed at the end or your responses will not be recorded.
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