AYIC Scholarship Programme in Collaboration With Waskita Karya
TWIBBON : bit.ly/twibbonayic

1. The scholarship program are based on merit
2. Awardees are required to participate in all AYIC 2018's series of event
3. Awardees are required to create a technical framework to implement AYIC action plan their respective country by the end of the conference
4. The scholarship will cover the following for the duration of the conference:
- Accomodation (for International & Outside Java Island delegates only)
- Full participation to the conference's series of event (Opening Ceremony, Seminar, Paper Presentation, Initative Forum Discussion, Paper Clinic, Expert 101, Field Trip + Dinner, Social Night, Public Conference, Cultural Night)
- Food & Beverages through conference's series of event
- Conference kit + field trip starter pack

1. Scholarship Candidate are required to submit their best paper regarding one of the four SDGs topic raised in AYIC 2018.
2. The paper should be original and has not been submitted elsewhere in any platform. Refer to AYIC 2018 Booklet at theayic.com for detailed technical paper guide.
3. Scholarship Candidate are required to submit a 500 words essay explaining the reason why they deserve the scholarship
4. Scholarship Candidate are encouraged to post their photo on Instagram with Our Twibbon and Caption for extra remarks. (for twibbon: bit.ly/twibbonayic)
5. Scholarship Candidate will recieve a confirmation letter from Conference Management team once their application has been well recieved
6. The announcement of Selected Awardees will be announced through AYIC 2018 official social media accounts and the Awardees will be notified via e-mail by 31st August, 2018. Only selected Awardees will be notified.
7. The selected Awardee should confirm their arrival information to delegaterelations@theayic.com before September 5th 2018.

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