Corporal Punishment Court
Corporal Punishment Court is a light-hearted, just-for-fun way to seek justice against your friends. If someone has wronged you in a serious way...well, you probably need to file an actual court case. If, however, someone has wronged you in some non-serious way, then file a charge against that person using this form, tell him/her about the case, and ensure that both of you show up for CP Court on Sunday at noon in room #5107. Corporal punishment will only be administered to those who consent to it, of course, but ALL participants must be willing to perform personal service time for the other party in the event that they do not win the case. This is strictly consent-based and all in fun, so a case will only be heard if everyone shows up willing and ready to play ball; otherwise, please still come and watch and enjoy the fun.

Anyone can charge anyone, regardless of gender/top/bottom orientation. Both parties will plead their cases to the judge, Strict Dave, who will deliberate and deliver an impartial decision. Tops, bottoms, men, doesn't matter, NO ONE will be favored, so be sure to plead your case well! If the defendant is found guilty, then that person will be sentenced to a penalty, generally corporal punishment (CP) to be administered on the spot and/or personal service time awarded to the plaintiff to be carried out in mutually agreeable terms and timing. Those who identify as top-only or who otherwise are unwilling to receive CP will not be sentenced to penalty swats and thus will be penalized solely with personal service time.

Here's the twist, plaintiffs: if you file a charge against someone who is found innocent, the penalties will rebound on YOU under all of the same conditions cited above! In short, the loser pays the penalty.

The purpose of CP in this event is to elicit *good-naturedly* a pang of regret from the recipients, not to traumatize them! In other words, bottoms and switches can expect a few stingy swats that will make you "ouch" a bit, NOT a "beating". If severe CP is truly your thing, then talk to the judge and we'll see what can be arranged.

So think hard about who has wronged you in some minor way and who deserves to pay for their choices. We can't have CP Court without cases! If you don't have any charges to file, though, then please still come and watch:

*** Sunday noon in room #5107 ***

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