Midcoast Pitch Application- May 2020
Please answer the questions below and submit this form by 11:59pm on May 1, 2020 to be included in this round of the Marketing Mini-Grant/Pitch Contest.

The Mini-Grant Pitch Contest will be held on Wednesday May 6 between 10am-1pm at New Ventures Maine, 12 Sewall Street, Orion Hall, Room 101, Brunswick Landing.

When your application is received you will be notified of your pitch time and next steps. Pitchers will be allotted 10 minutes, including question and answers.

Eligible applicants include individual micro business owners, business partners, or groups of business owners. Non-profit organizations are not eligible. Criteria for the contest: having 5 or fewer full-time equivalent employees, have sales in the current calendar year, and gross annual sales of no more than $250,000.

New Ventures Maine’s mini-grants support new or expanded business marketing and promotion, not the production of product or purchase of equipment, tools, furnishings, or other fixed assets. Professional licensure for the owner or employees and/or membership fees will not be funded. Marketing projects must be current or future projects; we are not able to fund past marketing projects (reimbursement is not available).

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:
• Clarity of presentation- Are you able to clearly communicate the details of your project and how it fits into your overall marketing goals? What are your goals for your proposed project and why is it important?
• Specificity of project- What specific tasks will you accomplish in your marketing project? What is your timeline for completing your project? Clearly delineate the expenses of your project and how the grant funds will be utilized. Price quotes are encouraged.
• Benefit & impact on the business- How will this grant benefit and impact your business? Will it strengthen your brand? Extend your business connections? Help you reach new markets? How much increased revenue would this project allow?

If you have any questions, please contact Jenn- jenn.dobransky@maine.edu or 386-1664.
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What marketing project are you proposing to do? How will the mini-grant funds be used? What are the specific tasks, elements, timeline, and financial details of your project? Please include quotes if available.
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How will this grant benefit and impact your business? Will this project allow you to extend your business connections? Will it strengthen your brand/increase visibility for your business? How many new customers and/or amount of increased sales will this project allow? How will you evaluate the impact of this marketing project?
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How does this marketing project fit into your overall business and marketing plan? Will this project enhance ongoing strategies or help to create new marketing tools and strategies?
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Please include the amount you are requesting (please do not exceed $1000), the amount that you will contribute to the project, and the total amount of the project.
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