Canine Addison's Zycortal Survey
This brief survey will be used as a tool to collect information about dogs who have made the transition from Florinef/Fludrocortisone/Astonin H to Zycortal.

We hope this will help show veterinarians the problems many dogs are experiencing when they are started on the standard dose of Zycortal and high doses of Prednisone/Prednisolone.

Many Canine Addison's groups, including CARE, AddisonDogs, Addisons Disease in Dogs, k9 Addison's, Morbus Addison beim Hund, & others, have joined together to publish this survey. Thanks to the members in all the Addison's groups who are providing feedback full of encouragement, input, and data. It has enabled Lori and Pam to put together this survey & will hopefully help vets make changes to help the dogs!

If you have more than one dog with Addison's, you can fill out more than one survey.

If you have any questions, please contact us at You can also visit our website at

Thank you for your participation!
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Your first name & last initial
Your dog's name
Dog's date of birth (or estimate if unknown). If you have difficulty in any of the date fields, you can backspace to clear the entry & try again.
Date of Addison's Diagnosis (or estimate if unknown).
What does your dog weigh currently? Please specify kg or lb.
What was your dog's TOTAL daily dose of Florinef or Fludrocortisone in mg prior to Zycortal? For example, if you gave 0.4 mg twice per day, the total daily dose is 0.8 mg. (There has been some confusion: We are NOT asking for the total number of tablets given per day.)
Was your dog taking Prednisone or Prednisolone in addition to the Florinef/Fludrocortisone? If so, what was the dose in mg & how often was it given? (Not all dogs on Florinef/Fludrocortisone need Pred, so this might not apply to you - if so, answer, "No.")
What dose of Zycortal was your dog started on? Please give the dose in ml.
How many injections has your dog had so far?
If your dog has had more than one injection, how many days between doses?
How did you discontinue the Florinef?
Dogs on Zycortal need a small daily dose of Prednisone/Prednisolone. What dose of Pred was your dog started on? Please give the dose in mg & how often it is given.
Has the Prednisone dose been reduced? If so, to what amount? If not, are there plans to reduce it?
Please note any issues or side effects your dog has been experiencing since starting Zycortal and Prednisone.
Have the issues been resolved yet?
How did you resolve the issues or how are you trying to resolve the issues?
Is your vet open to hearing about the experiences of others?
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If you're able, please provide the sodium (Na) & potassium (K) results from Day 10 after the first shot, including the reference ranges. (If it wasn't Day 10, please specify the day when these tests were taken.)
If you're able, please provide the sodium (Na) & potassium (K) results from the end of the first cycle, including the reference ranges. (Please specify the day when these tests were taken.)
Does the vet allow you to give the injection yourself at home?
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What are you being charged for the Zycortal?
What are you being charged for the prescription (for the vet to write up the script)?
What are you being charged to test electrolytes?
Was your vet aware that Zycortal had been released?
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Would you say your dog is better or worse since starting Zycortal?
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If there is anything you'd like to say briefly, please add it here.
It would be very helpful if you would provide your email address so that we may contact you if we need to. We won't use it for anything else & we won't give it out to anyone.
Please press the Submit button below when you're all done. Thank you so much!
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