21-22 Family Experience Survey
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us this year as our school turns 21. Your honest feedback helps us know how we are doing, meet the changing needs of our students and families and continue to improve our school each year.

Gracias por compartir sus pensamientos con nosotros este año cuando nuestra escuela cumple 21 años. Sus comentarios honestos nos ayudan a saber cómo lo estamos haciendo, satisfacer las necesidades cambiantes de nuestros estudiantes y familias y continuar mejorando nuestra escuela cada año.
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What is your relationship to your student? (Guardian, mentor, parent, sibling, family friend...) / ¿Cuál es su relación con su estudiante? (Tutor, mentor, padre, hermano, amigo de la familia ...) *
Why do you choose to support your student attending ATI? / ¿Por qué elige apoyar a su estudiante que asiste a ATI? *
Do you know how to use PowerSchool and use it to check your student's grades and attendance? / ¿Sabe cómo usar PowerSchool y cómo usarlo para verificar las calificaciones y la asistencia de su estudiante? *
Are you connected to the ClassTag messaging system and getting messages? / ¿Está conectado al sistema de mensajería ClassTag y recibe mensajes?
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How would you describe your interactions with staff at ATI? / ¿Cómo describiría sus interacciones con el personal de ATI? *
How frequently do you interact with staff at ATI? / ¿Con qué frecuencia interactúa con el personal de ATI? *
How do you receive information from ATI? (Choose all that are true) / ¿Cómo recibe información de ATI? (Elige todo lo que sea cierto)
In general, how would you describe each of these elements of school at ATI? / En general, ¿cómo describiría cada uno de estos elementos de la escuela en ATI? *
Better than adequate / Mejor que adecuado
Adequate / suficiente
Less than adequate / menos que suficiente
I don't know / No sé
Class size of up to 20
Technology used to teach
Technology used by students
Availability of basic materials (pencils, paper, notebooks)
Opportunities to engage with the community
Variety of classes
Daily Schedule (length of school day)
Calendar (length of year, breaks)
Availability of services (counseling, college/career planning)
Availability of information from ATI
Does your family qualify for financial support (SNAP, etc.)? / ¿Su familia califica para recibir apoyo financiero (SNAP, etc.)?
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What are your highest priorities for your student? Please rank each option. / ¿Cuáles son sus principales prioridades para su estudiante? Clasifique cada opción.
Very Important
Somewhat Important
Somewhat Unimportant
Not Important
Graduating From High School
Learning Skills For Real Life (making a budget, creating a resume, cooking a meal...)
Career Experiences (carpentry, internships, industry tours)
Making Friends or Practicing Social Skills
Learning To Solve Problems / Resolve Conflicts
Being Safe At School (not being bullied)
Taking College Preparation Courses
Getting Help With Lagging Academic Skills
Accessing Support Services (meals, counseling, health clinic, clothing/laundry)
Participate In Extracurricular Activities (clubs, leadership)
Have A Wide Variety Of Courses To Choose From
Getting Help Applying for Financial Aid
Finding Things They Are Passionate About
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There are lots of ways for families to support their students. How do you support your child's education? (Choose any that are true and add your own suggestions to help us learn what works for your family.) / Hay muchas formas en que las familias pueden apoyar a sus estudiantes. ¿Cómo apoya la educación de su hijo? (Elija cualquiera que sea verdadero y agregue sus propias sugerencias para ayudarnos a aprender qué funciona para su familia). *
What additional resources or supports do you wish ATI had in place for your student or your family? / ¿Qué recursos o apoyos adicionales le gustaría que ATI tuviera para su estudiante o su familia?
If ATI offered parent/family trainings or events what kinds of things would you want us to offer? / Si ATI ofreciera capacitaciones o eventos para padres / familias, ¿qué tipo de cosas le gustaría que ofrezcamos?
What organizations, businesses, or people in our community would you like to see ATI work with more closely? / ¿Con qué organizaciones, empresas o personas de nuestra comunidad le gustaría que ATI trabajara más de cerca?
What additional information or feedback would you like to share? / ¿Qué información o comentarios adicionales le gustaría compartir?
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