Hunter Park GardenHouse Summer CSA 2017
Thanks for your interest in the Hunter Park GardenHouse Summer CSA! We love growing veggies year-round and teaching folks how to grow them! We put a lot of thought into what goes into a CSA share, and we’ve seen seven successful summer CSA seasons so far. We utilize sustainable growing practices, and stringent food safety measures, so you can be sure our produce is safe and healthy for you and your family.
Summer Season & Veggie Share
The Summer CSA will run for sixteen weeks, June 7 – September 20.

In the share each week, members will receive:
• A seasonal assortment (8-15 items) of fresh, locally grown vegetables. Due to seasonality, some weeks will be lighter than others. Projected items include: basil, beets, broccoli, carrots, bok choy, cucumbers, eggplant, pole beans, kale, collards, Swiss chard, kohlrabi, herbs (sage, thyme, mint, dill, oregano, lemon balm, etc.), head lettuce, salad mix, husk cherries, okra, scallions, onions, peas, hot peppers, sweet peppers, radishes, summer squash, tomatoes, tomatillos, turnips, garlic, etc.
• A newsletter with healthy recipes utilizing the week’s produce, and upcoming food and garden-related events.
• An occasional bouquet of cut flowers (weekly, when available).

Add-On Shares
We offer add-on items to further increase the diversity of items in your box. We partner with local farmers and producers who participate in the Allen Market Place Exchange to offer eggs, bread, coffee, cheese, sweet treats, black beans, and meats!

Brown Eggs
• 1 dozen bi-weekly, $30.40 for eight distributions. From Grazing Fields Cooperative (Charlotte, MI), A multi-farm cooperative of small to mid-sized local farmers who are dedicated to raising healthy, happy hens that are pasture raised and cage-free.

• 1 loaf every week, $84 for sixteen distributions. From Stone Circle Bakehouse (Holt, MI). Delicious artisan bread that is gently mixed, slowly fermented, hand-shaped, and baked in a wood-fired oven.

Coffee Beans
• 1 pound bag of whole beans bi-weekly or monthly, $140 for eight bi-weekly distributions or $70 for four monthly distributions. From Rust Belt Roastery (Lansing, MI). With an Italian roaster from the 1930's, this wood-roasted coffee is delicious, Certified Fair Trade and Organic, and from 1 of only 8 wood-roasted coffee producers in the U.S.!

Cold-Brew Coffee
• 1 pint bi-weekly, $60 for eight distributions. From Rust Belt Roastery (Lansing, MI). The cold brew process produces a smooth, less acidic coffee with a powerful punch! Certified Fair Trade & Organic.

• ½ pound bi-weekly, $64.80 for eight distributions. From Hickory Knoll Creamery (Eaton Rapids, MI). Delicious artisan, pasture-raised cow & goat cheeses include a variety of Tommes, sharp cheddar, Kronberg (Appenzeller-style Swiss), and Poitou (Raclette-style).

Dry Black Beans
• 1 pound bag monthly, $12 for four distributions. From Ferris Organic Farms (Onondaga, MI). This family farm has been around since 1837 and is certified organic.

Sweet Treats
• One package weekly, $78.40 for sixteen distributions. Local bakers (Glory Bee Sweet Treats, Good Eats Diva, Rooted Home Farm & Goods, Stone Circle Bakehouse, and Teff-Riffic), prepare baked items such as fudge, biscotti, sweet breads, cookies, and mini pies.

Meat Variety
• 1 package of frozen meat weekly, $160 for sixteen distributions. From Stone E. River Ranch (Eagle, MI), Trillium Wood Farm (Williamston, MI), Heffron Farms (Belding, MI), and Grazing Fields Cooperative (Charlotte, MI). Includes one pound packages of pork chops, breakfast sausage, bacon (no additives), hot Italian sausage, bratwurst, chicken leg & thigh, half-chicken, and ground beef. Also includes larger packages of chicken breast, boneless chuck roast and whole chicken.

• 1 package of frozen chicken bi-weekly, $110 for eight distributions. From Stone E. River Ranch (Eagle, MI) and Trillium Wood Farm (Williamston, MI). Includes whole chickens, chicken breast, legs & thighs, and half-chickens.

• 1 package of frozen beef bi-weekly, $97 for eight distributions. From Heffron Farms (Belding, MI). Originally settled in 1921 by Thomas and Cecelia Heffron, they are in their fourth generation of being good stewards of the land. Includes ground beef, ground beef patties, boneless chuck roasts, and beef brisket.

• 1 package of frozen pork bi-weekly, $82 for eight distributions. From Grazing Fields Cooperative (Charlotte, MI). Includes pork chops, breakfast sausage, bacon (no additives), hot Italian sausage, bratwurst, and pork shoulder/butt.

Work Share, Cost & Payment
We offer a unique selection of payment and work share options to include those who otherwise might not be able to afford membership in a CSA.

Share Options:
1. All Pay: Members pay $26 per share.
2. Work Share: A limited number of these shares are available. Members pay $16 per share and work 2.5 hours per week, 7.5-12.5 hours per month (depends on month). Members must commit to work during weekly scheduled shifts. Members must complete a Work Share application, ANC volunteer application and Background Check waiver. Work Share Application is due by April 19. If the 2.5 hours per week, 7.5-12.5 hours per month (depends on month) are not completed by the last day of the month, you will be charged $4.00 per hour that is incomplete, which must be paid at the first pick-up of the following month.

Payment Options:
1. Lump Sum: Pay full balance at the start of the program (check or credit only). Due no later than May 17, 2017.
2. Monthly: Due by the first pick-up of each month. $52 deposit ($48 work-share deposit) is due no later than May 17, 2017 (payable by check or credit only). The deposit will be forfeited if you drop out mid-season, otherwise it will be applied to the final weeks of the Summer CSA.
3. Weekly SNAP Payments: For SNAP & Double Up Food Bucks payments only. Pay at the point of pick-up for your share. $52 deposit ($48 work-share deposit) is payable by check, credit, or Double Up Food Bucks only and is due no later than May 17, 2017. The deposit will be forfeited if you drop out mid-season, otherwise it will be applied to the final weeks of the Summer CSA. SNAP can only be accepted at point-of-sale (not in advance or after).

*Other Policies:
• You are responsible for paying for each share, even if you miss a pick up.
• SNAP can only be accepted at point-of-sale (not in advance or after).
• If you pay via Lump Sum and drop out mid-season, we will refund your balance less $52 (cost of two weeks of the CSA).
• There is no refund for add-on shares.
• There is a $12 fee for bounced checks.

Checks made payable to: Allen Neighborhood Center (Summer CSA in the memo line). Drop off at or mail to: 1611 E. Kalamazoo Street Lansing, MI 48912.

Harvest & Pick-Up
Harvest takes place on Wednesday mornings from 9:30am-12pm. All members are welcome to volunteer during the CSA harvest (an ANC Volunteer Application and Background Check waiver must be completed).

Shares are available for pick-up on Wednesdays from 3:30-6:00pm at the Allen Market Place (1629 E. Kalamazoo St).

Produce will be packaged in a reusable box labeled with your name. Empty boxes must be returned at each pick-up, and at the end of the season which helps us ensure a low environmental impact while minimizing program costs.

If you are unable to pick up your share during the available time, you must make prior arrangements with the GardenHouse Director; otherwise your share may be forfeited. If you know you’re going to be out of town, or unable to make the scheduled pick-up time, we encourage you to coordinate with family, friends, or neighbors to pick up your share during the scheduled time.

We are always excited about extra hands helping in the garden. Throughout the season, there is an endless amount of weeding, planting, harvesting, and other tasks to be done. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering at the GardenHouse, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at: 517-999-3919 or
What Makes Our CSA Special
You are supporting programs of the Hunter Park GardenHouse.
o Your CSA membership funds programs that serve our community. We host regular garden education workshops & courses, are open 6 days a week to the public, and serve as a demonstration site for garden, sustainability, and entrepreneurial projects. Our after school and summer youth programs, Take Root and Youth Service Corps, teach youth job and life skills through community service projects and garden and nutrition education. A significant portion of the CSA revenues are used to support these programs because that's what we're all about.

We are inclusive of our neighbors.
o We offer work-shares and multiple payment options to include those who otherwise might not be able to afford membership in a CSA. We are one of a few CSAs in Michigan accepting SNAP (Bridge Cards) for payment. Credit and SNAP tokens can be purchased at the Market Bank in the Allen Farmers Market.

We support other farmers and food producers.
o We offer a variety of add-on shares from local farmers and food producers to get their high-quality products in the hands of customers. We work with these businesses to ensure they receive fair prices for their products.

You pick up at the Allen Farmers Market.
o Each week you'll get a chance to enjoy the Allen Farmers Market and support other local vendors if there are other items you’d like to purchase. It’s a one-stop shop for all your local food needs. It’s also a great place to catch up with friends and neighbors.

What Our Members Are Saying About Our CSA
“It encourages me to eat healthier because I regularly receive healthy ingredients and a recipe. “
“I love the convenience of fresh food.”
“I look forward to my ‘groceries in a box’ each week.”
Words of Wisdom
CSA is not for everyone. One of the cornerstones of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is shared risk. “The essence of the relationship,” as Elizabeth Henderson states in Sharing the Harvest, “is the mutual commitment: The people support the farm and share the inherent risks and potential bounty.” Part of the mystique associated with being involved in a CSA comes from the organic uncertainty surrounding the fact that, because of factors beyond our control, we cannot guarantee what exactly will be in your share each week. If you know that you are not fond of trying new things, or you head out of town every week, or you aren’t up for shared risks, you might be happier just visiting the Allen Farmers Market and picking out what you know you'll use.

So, think about it, discuss it. You are signing a binding contract. Ask questions, ask other CSA members. We want your CSA experience to be a good one and we work hard to insure that it is. With the GardenHouse share we are here, open to chat or hear constructive criticism, issues, problems and work with you to make your CSA experience a positive one.

Thank You For Supporting the Hunter Park GardenHouse!
If you have any questions, contact Hunter Park GardenHouse Director, Rita O’Brien, at 517-999-3910 or
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Coffee Beans (monthly) $70 for four distrib.
Cold-Brew Coffee ($60 for eight distrib.)
Cheese ($64.80 for eight distrib.)
Dry Black Beans ($12 for four distrib.)
Sweet Treats ($78.40 for sixteen distrib.)
Meat Variety ($160 for sixteen distrib.)
Chicken ($110 for eight distrib.)
Beef ($97 for eight distrib.)
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