8LQ Casino Groups

Hi there,

Your next big task is the best one of the year - CASINO NIGHT! You will be working in groups that I will put together. Groups of four and three will be formed.

I'd like a mix of talents so that you bring a variety of learning styles and creativity to your games. As I sit you randomly and expect you to get along with everyone (this makes the world a better place) I don't really know who you'd like to work with.

This is a positive survey, not a negative one.

This is a chance for you to nominate classmates that you respect and would like the chance to work with.

Perhaps you like their:
at Casino night you need to attract the punters to play your game
you would like to learn from them; see how their mathematical brain works
it's a big task and you need to stay on track
. CONFIDENCE WITH CROWDS (including grown up types)
you need a face for your game on the night, maybe by shouting

How many people can I nominate?
Two - purely a time saver thing for me, and one really should be random for a probability task.

Can I nominate people from other homerooms?
No - too difficult for time management. You get class time to do this.

Will you get all of your choices?
No, you won't - maybe a teeeny weeny chance of that for one or two out of my 66 students.

Is there a chance you might not get any?
Perhaps. I will do my very best to make groups that please everyone, but this will take a lot of time and I might make a mistake or two. I promise to do my best.

Do I want to know who you don't want to work with?
No, that's not nice. While we are on that subject, you could nominate someone you'd like to work with because you never have and you've never taken the time to get to know them and you might be missing out. Being nice makes you live longer <-- mathematically proven.

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