Don’t feel you need to answer every question. I think, though, that you may find this to be a profound set of questions for us to be asking (and answering) at this time. Each section is brief.

After you fill out this survey for yourself (you'll get a copy of all your answers at the end so you can keep them), some of you might find value in organizing a way to ask these questions of students, parents, and teachers in a physical meeting--and then having a very real discussion about their answers and the thinking behind those answers. If you do this, please email me about the experience. Because several respondents have asked for an easy-to-copy version of the questions, a document with them is at:

This survey is confidential. I won't publish any results with individual identification. It collects an email address so it can send you a copy of your own responses. If you don't want to leave your email address, then just put my email address (steve@learningrevolution) in the field that asks for it. I also won't add you to the special list for this project unless you indicate you want me to at the bottom of the survey.

With sincere thanks,

Steve Hargadon

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What grade level are you most likely to be thinking about when you answer these questions?
Is your school...
Do you think school is a game?
That is, that students "succeed" (graduate, navigate college admissions well, or leave school psychologically healthy) more from learning how to play the game than from actually learning academic subjects well?
What percentage of students in your school (or in general) do you believe leave school confident, competent, and in control of their lives and their learning?
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Do you personally know any students who have left school feeling that they are not good learners, that they are "not one of the smart ones," or even that they are "defective" or "broken?"
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Do you have specific strategies that you use or teach to help students navigate and succeed at the game aspect of schooling? What are they?
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