Virgins & Vixens Feedback
A form to collect data and feedback on Virgins & Vixens.
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Were the directions on how to play clear? *
Not clear
Extremely Clear
Comments on directions:
Is the layout clear and easy to navigate? (Note: we avoided columns in the design to make it more friendly to those with visual disabilities.) *
Hated the layout!
Great layout!
Comments on layout:
Was the intent of the game clear? *
Not Clear
Extremely Clear
Comments on Game Intent:
Did the character sheets represent the intended tropes well? *
Did the dice mechanic lead to Empowerments and character changes? *
Not at all
Comments on the dice mechanic and Empowerments:
Did your players understand how to use their five descriptors to roll? *
No they didn't get it
They understood right away!
Comments on using descriptors to roll:
Should something be added to the Virgins & Vixens' core book or be explained in more detail?
Did you have fun playing? *
No fun at all!
Would you be interested in getting pre-written adventures to run in this system? *
Other comments? Be honest!
We really appreciate your time! Thank you for checking out Virgins & Vixens and taking the time to fill out our survey!
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