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Thank you for your interest in booking Matt Beighton for an author event. Please give us a bit of information below and either Matt or his booking agent Yvonne will be in touch to find out exactly how he might be able to help you. There's no pressure and no commitment, but one of the questions most asked is "How much does an event cost," and the only way to answer exactly is to find out exactly what you are looking for.

Remember, ask about my cashback offer on book sales which can help towards the cost of the event.
How much does an event cost?
As mentioned above, it can vary depending on what your aims are for the day. The best way to find out for your specific needs is to let us get in touch to discuss it.

Are you free on World Book Day?
I am booked for World Book Day 2020 itself; however, there are still dates free in March and April. I'm a strong believer that author visits are a great way to engage writers all year round, though.

Do you offer CPD?
I offer a staff meeting length CPD session on how to write and create appropriate and extending texts for use in the classroom. As an ex-teacher, I know how hard it can be to generate your own content if you aren't a confident writer. These CPD sessions will help give teachers that confidence. If you're interested in this, please add a note at the bottom of the form.
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To find out more about Matt Beighton and his work, visit his website at http://mattbeighton.co.uk
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