Week 10 Quiz
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A circular loop of wire of radius 0.5 m is in a uniform magnetic field of 0.3 T. The current in the loop is 2.0 A. What is the magnetic torque when the plane of the loop is at 30 degrees to the magnetic field?
A charged particle, of charge e, is observed traveling in a circular path in a uniform magnetic field. If instead the particle carried a charge of 2e, the radius of the circular path would have been
A long straight wire carries current towards the east. A proton moves towards the east alongside and just south of the wire. What is the direction of the force on the proton?
Two long parallel wires carry currents of 5.0 A and 8.0 A in opposite directions. The wires are separated by 0.30 m. Find the magnetic force per unit length between the two wires.
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