Pay Team Application
Are you interested in being a payer for HIA? If so, please fill out the application below! Please make sure you meet the following requirements:
- You must currently have 2+ consecutive months of service in HIA.
- You must currently be in the BOE Division.
- You must be active.
- You must be trusted in HIA.
- You must not have an active disciplinary.
- You must have an understanding of the pay system.

Any questions strictly regarding the application, please see pinkguavajuice or aishah4eva.

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How long have you been in HIA? *
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Pay times you be available for?
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Have you had any previous experience with pay? (Listing, promoting, etc) It is completely okay if you haven't. *
Why should you be chosen as a payer over the other applicants? *
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Briefly explain how pay works (IN YOUR OWN WORDS). *
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Any further questions or comments?
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