Summer 2020 Survey
After months of deliberations and careful observations of the current climate, St. John's would like to move forward with a children's program for Summer 2020. However, in order to keep everyone safe and healthy, our program will need to be much different than what we would traditionally call "Vacation Bible School." As such, our Summer 2020 program will not be a VBS program, but will instead be something different.

As such, we would appreciate your completion of a very short survey to help us best plan a program that would be of interest for you and your children.

As you fill out the survey, keep in mind these things:
1. Whatever the program looks like, it will be offered for FREE
2. The program will be offered sometime during the first week of August.
3. If it's on church property, it will be entirely outdoors
4. If it's on church property, the program will require parent/guardian/chaperone participation. In other words, children could not be dropped off as they would for a traditional VBS; you have to stay with them.
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