Annexe Boys Survey
As parents, you are aware that the Annexe Boys section currently ends when a boy turns 11 year old. This effectively means that boys of from this age onwards have to attend main hall/ELC Events.

The Annexe Boys Team is currently exploring the proposition of holding 'booster' sessions for 11 to 15 year old boys focused on Aqaid and further enhancing their knowledge base towards becoming stronger practicing shias with age appropriate content and subject matters. A potential is to have these sessions during the Holy month of Ramadan (School Half term, proposed date is 26 may to 2 June) parallel to the main programme (just like Annexe)

To assist us in planning we would be grateful if you could take a few minutes to complete a short survey.

1. What is your son's age? *
2. If these sessions were to be held, would you send your son for these sessions? *
3. Do you feel such booster sessions should be held regularly throughout the year for this age group and why? *
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4. What subjects matters would you like covered in these sessions? *
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5. Please suggest names of speakers you would like us to approach? *
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6. Do you feel that the English Listening Centre (ELC) adequately covers the requirements of this age group? If No Why not and what would be your proposed solution? *
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7. Does your son(s) accompany you in the ELC or main hall? *
8. Any other comments... *
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