Live Sound Request Form
This form is for any club, organization, or individual that would like to request that the WJTB Radio Club provide live sound services for an event. We ask as a courtesy to our Live Events Manager that all requests be put in at least 2 weeks in advance. IF YOU ARE FILLING OUT THIS FORM WITHIN 2 WEEKS OF THE EVENT, PLEASE EMAIL OUR LIVE EVENTS MANAGER ( AS SOON AS YOU FINISH THE FORM. We ask for 2 weeks in advance so we can adequately prepare for the event and ensure that you are getting exactly the services that you need.
What is your full name?
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What is your UCID? (Or the UCID of the person running the event)
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What club or organization are you affiliated with?
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Please provide a brief description of the event and the formal name of the event.
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When is the event? (Date and Starting Time. We begin live sound set up approx. 1 hour before the event. If you would like us to begin setting up earlier, please specify a set up time, otherwise, we will begin set up 1 hour before the event.
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Is the event outdoor or indoor?
Where, specifically, is the event located?
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What is the estimated size of the event?
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If you are just requesting to borrow equipment, scroll all the way to the last question. Are you requesting to borrow equipment or are you requesting that WJTB run the event?
What size sound set-up do you need?
If you chose "Custom", what equipment do you need? (NOTE: This is subject to approval by the Live Events Manager/WJTB E-Board. If the equipment selected is determined to be too little/too much or not properly suited for the event, you will be notified to revise the selection)
Will anyone be performing? (If you only need a microphone to have someone run the event, or to give general information, select "Other")
If there will be performers, what instruments will they be using?
Your answer
Is there anything else (equipment or non-equipment) that you need?
What equipment would you like to borrow?
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