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This is the sign up form for charities and non-profits that wish to work with Agile Venture developers to have their IT challenges analysed, assessed, discussed and potentially solved. Agile Venture developers provide their services for free in order to further develop their IT skills and contribute to the greater good. All work is done on an ad-hoc, volunteer basis and offers no guarantees of providing an actual IT solution. From an organisation's perspective it is best to think of collaborating with Agile Ventures developers students for the purpose of better understanding the nature of the IT challenges faced. In favourable circumstances this may lead to a prototype solution, but this should not be an assumed outcome. Agile Ventures itself will make every effort to help connect developers and non-profits for their mutual benefit, but also provides no guarantees of particular forms or quality of IT solutions.

Agile Ventures is also committed to "Open Source" solutions. "Open Source" refers to the public visibility of the code for any solution on a code hosting service such as GitHub. "Open Source" refers only to the code, e.g. the Ruby, Python, JavaScript etc. that powers any solution. It does not refer to customer data, which can be secured when necessary. Agile Ventures also prefers an "Open Development" style in which all meetings with clients, planning meetings and programming sessions are recorded and made available on the AgileVentures website in order to achieve maximum transparency as to the development process. Naturally accommodations can be made for sensitive data, however Agile Ventures believes that a transparent process, including "Open Source" and "Open Development" supports mutual understanding on all sides, and provides valuable learning materials for all parties.

For more details please see the Agile Ventures website at:
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