Pack 77 Registration
Welcome to Pack 77! We are the Cub Scout Pack of St. Benedict Parish and St. John Bosco Catholic school.

We are asking that the following form be filled out for Cub Scouts either new or returning. For families with more than one scout you are welcome to fill out a single form for multiple scouts, just include answers for both where applicable.
Fees for 2019-20
Pack 77 Annual Fee for New / Returning Scout: $50 / $100
(first year in Pack 77 is discounted)


Boy's Life Magazine (optional) $12

Please make checks payable to BSA Pack 77 and submit check at our next meeting.
Pay by PayPal transfer to:
(Be sure to use personal payment option not “Goods and Services”.
Transfer from balance or linked bank account should be free.)
Scout/Parent Information
If registering multiple children please submit one form and include both on answers below.
Cub Scout Names(s) *
Rank/Grades (K-Lion, 1st-Tiger, 2nd-Wolf, 3rd-Bear 4th-Webelo, 5th-Webelo II) (if multiple scouts list all) *
Parents Name(s) *
Phone number(s) *
Email(s). Provide at least one *
Parent Contract
Pack 77 Parent Contract
Family Responsibilities

The entire family, not just the Scout is a member of scouting. To that end, parents are invited and expected to:

1. Work with their Scout to help complete achievements toward the badge of rank. Please note, not everything can be completed in Den meetings. Some work at home will be required for Scouts to achieve their badge of rank.

2. Support and take part in all Pack activities including attending monthly Pack meetings.

3. Help with Pack finances by participating in Pack fundraisers.

4. Communicate with Den leaders in advance if their Scout is unable to attend a Den meeting, Pack meeting, or Pack activity.

5. Certain dens will be responsible for pack wide events (e.g. Scouting for Food, Blue & Gold, etc). It is expected parents will work together with the den leader in planning and implementing these activities.

6. All adults with Scouts in dens that meet on the SJB campus must be Called to Protect trained as per diocese requirements, regardless of what church or school they attend.

7. Check the Pack website ( regularly to keep up to date on Pack activities.

The pack cannot function without the active involvement of every parent. Accordingly, the Pack must ask each parent to volunteer for a committee or adult leader position, or participate in at least one outing or activity annually in a supervisory capacity. Volunteer positions will be announced throughout the year at Pack Meetings and Pack email communications.

Cub Scout Commitment
On an annual basis, by being registered with Pack 77 every family commits to the following:
1. Each Cub Scout should try to attend as many den meetings, pack meetings, campouts, hikes, community service projects as they possibly can.
2. Each Cub Scout should arrive at meeting and events wearing the appropriate uniform. Meetings and formal events require the blue Class A uniforms (tan for Webelos). Class B (yellow t-shirts) uniforms for less formal events as announced by the Cubmaster.

New Tiger and Lion Families
Cub Scouts is a commitment that requires a significant amount of time from both the Scout as well as the families. National Scouting policies require that every Tiger Cub and Lion Cub attending den meetings be accompanied by an adult companion.
By checking the box below I confirm that I have read and agree to the above responsibilities. *
Driver/Vehicle Information
(This must be filled out by any adult who will be transporting any cub scout more than 25 miles from St. John Bosco for a cub scouting event)
Car Owners Name
Car Owners Name
Model of Vehicle
Make of Vehicle
Year of Vehicle
Number of Seatbelts in Vehicle
By acknowledging below I certify that the information given on this form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that as a volunteer driver, I must possess a valid driver's license, have the proper and current license and vehicle registration, and have the required insurance coverage in effect on any vehicle used to transport cub scouts. I agree everyone will wear a seat belt when cub scouts are being transported. *
Pack 77 Photo Consent and Release Form
From time to time photographs may be taken of youth and adults engaging in Cub Scout programs and activities (example: hikes, camping, picnics, fishing, games). Cub Scout Pack 77, requests the right to use these photos, without using the Scout’s name, for our website or to showcase our activities at our local events. The Scout’s name will not be used without additional specific permission from the parent or guardian.
Agreement to use photos
Clear selection
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