Emoti-Con 2017 - Project Application
Fill out this form only when you are ready with a project description and the names and email addresses for all student presenters and chaperones. The deadline to submit your project application is Friday, May 26th.
Project Name
This Project Name will be the title that appears on your table to identify your project.
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Organization Affiliation
Please list which organization, school, or after-school program that is associated with your project, if relevant.
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Which of the following best describes your project?
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Please provide a short description of your project.
5 sentences max. Please tell us about your project. What should we expect to see at your project table? What was the inspiration for the project? How was it developed/created? Who will be the end user and what will it do for them?
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Project website or image links (Optional)
Please copy/paste links that provide more information about your project or your organization.
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Each group is given half of a rectangular table (approx 2 ft. x 3 ft.) to display their project. If this is insufficient space for your project, please describe your space needs in detail here.
Include project dimensions, and links to photos if possible. NOTE: We cannot guarantee accommodations for overly large projects and NYPL prohibits the use of wall space.
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Join the Project Competition (Or not!)
You can decide whether or not to include your project in the competition portion of the event. Competing projects will be visited by Judges - who are industry professionals from a variety of disciplines. Competitors could win in one of the following categories:

* Best Point-of-View
* Most Social Impact
* Best Pitch
* Most Innovative
* Most Entertaining

If you choose NOT to compete, your project will still be part of the project fair. Everyone will receive recognition for their participation, including t-shirts, and cool swag!

Would you like to join the competition?
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