Sexual Abuse Generational Chain Breaker Anonymous Survey (
It is believed by many that the number of sexually abused people in the world is far higher than assumed. This survey is used to look at this issue more closely. Taking this survey provides a way for your experiences to be acknowledged without anyone knowing it is you. YOU ARE ANONYMOUS. Later you will be able to see anonymous collected results so you can compare others situation to your own. You will find that you are not alone. (This survey is created and monitored by
I have been sexually abused at some time in my life.
The worst level of abuse ever done to me was ... (check all that apply)
My sexual abuse impacts my life in what way ... (check all that apply)
My sexual abuse impacts my life in what way ... (check all that apply)
Have you ever told anyone about your abuse? (check all that apply)
My level of healing from sexual abuse is ... (check all that apply)
I know of other sexual abuse occurring within my family (check all that apply)
Do you have someone you can talk to?
Questions like these can trigger us into our past trauma.
Questions? Comments? Interests? Requests?
Add anything else that you feel may help to improve this process or might help with your own healing.
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If you wish to be sent notices about this survey as others fill it in, you can your email address below only if you choose to do so. Your email will be kept private. This is completely optional. Results will also be posted on the website. Also, if you are at a point in your healing journey where you are ready to help others in their healing process, please consider joining the healing support network at
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