Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Volunteer Sign-Up
Thank you for your interest in volunteering to help with our non-partisan Voter Registration and GOTV (Get Out the Vote) efforts! We need volunteers to make reminder calls to the community for the General Election Nov. 7th.

Note: For phone banking, we have a limited amount of phones and laptops available, so if you are able to bring your own, it would be much appreciated!

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Volunteers are needed to make non-partisan reminder calls to Ohioans for the Nov. 7th General Election. Please check all shifts where you would be willing to volunteer. (food, drink, and snacks provided)
For Phone Banking, you will need a mobile phone (with headset/earbuds for hands free talking w/unlimited minutes) and a laptop. Would you have access to the following? *
(Sorry tablets don't work for phone banking).
Bonus (while supplies last): Volunteers can get a gray OCAGC T-Shirt
(If you already have one, please wear it)
Would you like to apply for a stipend?
Recommended for students, interns, unemployed, retired etc.
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Free drinks for volunteers will be provided. Please check your preference.
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