Indic - Himalayan Scholarship Application
Thanks for your interest in the Indic Scholarship for the Lockdown Writing Workshop from the Himalayan Writing Retreat. This form is for the workshop on April 29 - May 3 (1.30 - 6 PM each day). The details of the Workshop are at . The information in this form helps us get to know you better as a writer, and evaluate your candidature for this scholarship. If you do not have a writing sample handy, please write something and share it. We will not entertain any application without a writing sample.

We are over-run with applications. The Indic academy selects only the strongest applicants. The applications will be looked at for writing quality and also whether or not the writing theme is Indic. IF YOU'RE NOT AN INDIC WRITER, DON'T APPLY FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP. Instead, you should plan to pay and participate. That application form is on the link above. To figure out how "Indic" you are, visit the Indic Academy website at .

If your preferred writing language is not English, please share a translation of your work. While the workshop is open to writers of all languages, the medium of instruction, examples, readings and sessions are all in English.

Please note that all applicants need to have a laptop (a phone/tablet will not suffice) and access to a good internet connection.
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By checking the box below, you confirm that the sample submitted is original work of the applicant named above. It is not copied in part or whole from any other source, and not plagiarized from any external source. *
By checking the box below, you confirm that you will attend 100% of all sessions for the three full days if selected. You also confirm that you have a good internet connection and a PC available for the duration of the workshop. *
Thank you for your submission. We will finalize the scholarship decisions on a rolling basis. If you are accepted, you will have to confirm participation within 12 hours. In the absence of the confirmation, your spot maybe released to another applicant.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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