List of what we DO and DON'T make!
There is room for questions at the bottom! Thank you for taking the time to read!

- toony heads
- use DVC parts such as teeth, nooses, claws, and horns
- hybrids
- make head props such as glasses and piercings
-"stompy" feet paws (upon request)
- hand paws that go up to elbows (upon request)
- Digi legs (requires you to send a DTD)
- Fullsuits (requires DTD)
- letting you provide your own pair of shoes for feet paws - they MUST be brand new!
- air brushing
- Removable eye lids
- Wigs
- Chibi, bat, or small wings
- breast padding small and large
- murrsuit zippers (upon request, may say no due to lack of experience installing them)


- moving jaws
- realistic suits
- leg sleeves
- resin eyes
- change our style to look like someone else
- AD's , DAD's, sergals, wickerbeasts, manokits
- closed species
- copyright characters OR markings
- poke'sonas
- sock paws
- head bases from other makers
- slim fit bodysuits
- LED eyes
- Kemono style
- big wings
- Providing your own fur (unless agreed upon)

Last updated: 5/25/19
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