Recording Studio Questionnaire
Filling out this questionnaire will help us learn more about your project, price out your studio time with us, and help create your next album! 😏
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Do you want to record a single, an EP, or an Album? *
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*For Original Song- do you have lyrics written, music written, or both? *For Cover- what is the song (title and artist)? *
Which instruments do you have music written for?
Are there instruments you don’t play that you would like added to the song?
Do you want a demo recording or fully produced single? Demo includes: recording 1-4 tracks, basic mix and master - Fully produced includes: advanced mix and master of 4+ tracks, vocal pitch correction, and mixed effects *
What's your budget for your single? We are here to collaborate with all artists, which means we are willing to work with your budget to create your art! *For EP/Album budget will be based amount of songs *
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