Paisley Grace Makery Application
Thank you for your interest in working at Paisley Grace Makery.

To proceed to the interview stage, please complete the followup questions below. We appreciate your time and consideration.

**Please be aware that this position requires Saturday AND Sunday availability.
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Paisley Grace Makery Instructor Application
We are HIRING Instructors at Paisley Grace Makery! Come join a the team of a growing business with an exciting and dynamic work environment!

Applicants must:
*Have prior experience in customer service
*Have a passion to help others find their inner artist
*Be able to prioritize and work effieciently
*Be consistently available nights and weekends
*Have a positive attitude and willingness to learn
*Be willing to be part of a team and work together
*Prior experience in graphic design or crafting preferred, but not required.
*Common shifts include 10-5, 6-10:30 and occasionally 8am-12pm during field trips and special events.

Taking applications until August 23rd. Application must be completed in full with complete sentences to be considered.

Starting pay $10 per hour with a 50% discount and employee credit opportunities.
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I understand that this position requires to sign a non-compete agreement of creative products similar to those sold by PGM. *
I understand that this position requires Saturday AND Sunday availability and holiday weekends. Only 1 Saturday and Sunday a month will be allowed off for special circumstances or position will be terminated.
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